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The Present

RamadanFM2018 is a steppingstone to the full time radio station which will commence broadcasting later this year. We aim to use this platform to create awareness for the full time radio and networking with other individuals and organisation that are contributing positively to society. With many added features to RamadanFM2018, we will also be broadcasting live on Facebook as well as YouTube. We are also running fundraising campaign throughout Ramadan with the aim of raising £50,000 that will go towards purchasing the studio equipment.

By the blessing of Allah (SWT) and mercy of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and the hard work of the RamadanFM team, it is with the greatest pleasure we announce the the awarding of an FM radio license for Community Radio. . Ofcom invited applications within the M25 area which had to be submitted by October 2016. Minhaj ul Quran, International, London, the organisation behind RamadanFM made the decision to also apply. There were close to thirty organisations that submitted the application with only four licenses being granted. This community radio license means that we will be able to broadcast on the FM frequency. Our primary area of reach via this medium is the London Borough of Newham which is one of the most densely and diverse areas in the UK. With an approximate coverage area of 6 mile radius, the transmission will be picked up in large parts of Waltham Forest, Tower Hamlets, Redbridge and Barking and Dagenham. We would like to thank everyone that supported us through the application stage and the volunteers that worked tirelessly to make our previous radio projects successful.